Barbecue pink butcher paper

An all natural wrap for outdoor cooking, often referred to as pink or peach paper. Great for low and slow indirect cooking on the grill, use in conjunction with a smoker or kettle barbecue. Made from a combination of pulp and natural additives, able to stand up to high heats and remain strong when wet. The best eco alternative to tin foil with no metals or chemicals. 

Made by the original manufacturer of butcher paper, Oren International 

W18" x L20ft

(W 45.7cm x L6m)

FDA approved, no nasty chemicals, all natural. 

The Garden Cook's choice 

This is our preferred method of wrapping slow cooked meat instead of tinfoil. It really helps to keep what you are barbecuing succulent and juicy. It is also great to line presentation dishes or trays with. An all natural feel and great specialist BBQ alternative to other wraps.