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Born from a love of outdoor cooking and years of experience within the industry, we at the Garden Cook have laid bare our passion for barbecuing and outdoor living in this online shop. Bringing together UK craftsmanship and design, all of our products tell a story. Each utensil has been chosen for its quality, longevity and unique design – and forms a part of our personal journey. Throughout our selection process, we are focused on exquisite, handmade and individual pieces that will stand the test of time.

We aim to promote exceptional workmanship with a preference for raw materials, and want to consider the position of outdoor cooking in society. This includes gender roles within outdoor cooking: our stock includes pieces touched with an elegance not often associated with fire cooking.

We also hope to give British barbecuing more recognition. So often we see people turning to the USA for inspiration, but our aim is to pave the way and show people that our outdoor cooking culture is alive. In Britain we have a wealth of traditionally skilled makers and a unique history of manufacturing. Our goal is to combine these traditional craft skills with our extensive knowledge of outdoor cooking, to create the best that fire cooking has to offer.

At The Garden Cook, we take inspiration from quintessential British country gardens. We produce ethically minded, timeless barbeque wear. Our hand crafted pieces will last for a lifetime.  

Our values 

Craftsmanship: Outdoor cooking requires strength and durability from its products. High quality, traditional craftsmanship that performs and endures is at the forefront of our product selection.

Elegance: A word not usually associated with barbecuing, but one we are proud to claim as a key feature of our products. The Garden Cook combines a love of functionality and an eye for distinctive design.

Thoughtful: Just as we are mindful in our product selection process, so we are conscious about nature and the outdoors. Our artisanal tools and accessories are mostly made in the UK and where possible, they are sourced by sustainable makers. We aim to be as plastic free as possible.