Organic formed lipped wooden serving board

These unique serving boards are made from three hundred year old copper spalted beech. Each board is different and unique according to the natural grain of the wood and the hand made process. The copper beech has naturally occurring spalting in the grain which produces beautiful white and black markings. 

The design of the board was inspired by a similar board acquired by our grandparents in Kingston, Jamaica. The original board was made from a much darker tropical hardwood but shared the same free flowing form and lipped edge. 

The serving or carving board has many uses mainly presenting cooked sliced meats, vegetables, cheese. bread and salads. We do not recommend the serving board as a chopping board, it is designed for presentation or carving where a knife does not touch the surface. 

Made for The Garden Cook in Stroud, UK

Approximate size 37 x 28cm at widest point

Each board is unique and made by hand so expect variations in markings and size. 

 The Garden Cook's choice 

This beautiful wooden board makes a regular appearance when we barbecue our Sunday roast chicken. We carve the chicken on the board which effectively retains all of the juices and makes and ideal serving platter to be passed around the table. We love the organic shape and the stunning grain makes it an ideal prop for any food styling as well.