Handmade organic hurricane lantern candle

Handcrafted, organic and natural candle in a glass container that sits in a heavy textured ceramic base. Made from 100% recycled wax and recycled glass. The hurricane lantern candle would make a great centrepiece for your table or dotted around on other outdoor surfaces. These outdoor candle lanterns are handmade in Spain, using artisanal and traditional candle making methods. Each piece is a work of art, every candle telling a story and bit of history from the hands that created it. 

They are made by Spanish company Cerabella who work on a set of measures respectful to the environment. The ecological commitments include using local materials, recycling the waste wax and using 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard packaging. Most of the containers are made from ecological stone and recycled glass. 

Small size: 20 x H19cm

Large size: 20 x H27cm

The Garden Cook's choice 

These outdoor glass candle lanterns help create a special ambience and illumination for an outdoor setting. They are big enough to be on the floor, great going up steps or on a larger table.