Extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil

Cold pressed rapeseed oil made by Stainswick Farm in the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire/Gloucestershire borders in England. This oil is very versatile and can reach high temperatures without burning, making it perfect for cooking on a fire or barbecue. It has a slight nutty flavour, not as overpowering as olive oil. Made by the process of cold pressing where the seeds are squeezed without heat or chemicals. A quality versatile, healthy, natural and fully traceable product. The rapeseed is grown, pressed and bottled on the family farm, thereby minimising food miles. 

 250ml bottle 

The Garden Cook's choice 

We came across this award winning oil at our local farmers market in Stroud, Gloucestershire and loved the story behind the product. The rapeseed oil is wonderfully buttery without any unpleasant after taste. It it perfect for oiling fish, meat and vegetables before seasoning but also makes fantastic salad dressings and mayonnaise.