Barbecue gift set with fire gloves and wax cotton apron

As set to include our leather barbecue fire gloves, waxed cotton outdoor apron and utility hook. 

Full bib utility barbecue apron made from British waxed cotton, with three large and one smaller pocket. The fire gloves are double lined leather gloves, ideal for handling hot pans and stocking fires. The apron's leather tool loop works with the utility hook, enabling you to always have your gloves at the ready.

Includes 1 x pair of leather barbecue fire gloves, 1 x outdoor apron and 1 x metal utility hook

The Garden Cook's choice 

The glove and apron set are a natural combination, they pair very well and are incredibly useful as a duo. The set comes with either a midnight charcoal or dark brown apron. Pictured here in dark green.