Sustainable British charcoal large bag

The ultimate natural charcoal, made by traditional methods supporting British woodland ecosystems. It is made from wood that has been seasoned for two years and would otherwise go to waste. This barbecue charcoal is predominately made from single species Hazelwood, gathered from the by product of hazel hedge laying and coppicing. The most eco BBQ fuel, with no chemical binders or accelerants and a low carbon footprint. 

Made by Ben Short, British charcoal burner and woodsman in Dorset, UK. 

Large bag of British charcoal is 25 litres

Approx 4.5kg

Approx size 550 x 330mm

 The Garden Cook's choice 

This amazing ethically sourced Hazelwood charcoal is really very special. It has similar characteristics to that of the best hardwoods but with a more subtle flavour profile. A dense fuel that offers sweet smoky characteristics. Definitely some of the best British charcoal we have tried.