Wooden salt and pepper pinch pots

These unique pinch pots are made from three hundred year old British spalted copper beech. Each small bowl is different and unique according to the natural grain of the wood and the hand made process. The copper beech has naturally occurring spalting in the grain which produces beautiful white and black markings. 

The shape of these small wooden bowls is rounded with flat a bottom and flat sides. These are very aesthetically pleasing with an organic shape and hand made contemporary look. 

The size allows for a generous amount of liberal seasoning. Perfect for salt and pepper but could also be used for rubs, butters, seasonings, olives and other nibbles. Price is per pot. 

Made for The Garden Cook in Stroud, UK. 

Approximate size 9.5 x 9cm 

Each pinch pot is unique and made by hand so expect some variations in markings and size. 

The Garden Cook's choice 

We love these for filling with our dry rubs and flavoured salts. We also love taking them outside filled with Nocellara olives, smoked almonds and roasted cashews . Perfect with a drink.