Iron fire table for barbecue grill

A fire table design to protect the ground or grass from direct contact with fire. The barbecue base works with the iron barbecue grill to raise the chapa griddle 9cm from the ground. This portable BBQ fire table has three removable legs, each attached with two solid brass wingnuts. It is pre seasoned with flax oil so is easy to wash and non stick. The coating is free from chemicals and PTFE. 

Made by the Netherton Foundry in Shropshire, UK a family owned company. The company design and make quality traditional cookware from materials sourced in Shropshire and its neighbouring counties. 

Weight: 2.0 kg, 15 inches diameter x 3.5 inches ( 38 cms diameter x 9 cms).

This listing is for just the fire table base. It can be used in conjunction with the cooking bell lid, chapa griddle or as a complete portable barbecue set up. 

The Garden Cook's choice 

This is an ideal platform or base to set the chapa grill or other small portable grills on. It is a lovely solid piece and is very versatile and portable, It can be used as a burn table for charcoal, briquettes and seasoned logs. This fire table base is well designed, functional and is aesthetically pleasing.