Handmade organic garden candle in terracotta pot

Outdoor natural candle, made with organic wax in a terracotta pot, perfect for entertaining outside. This citronella garden candle is handmade in Spain, using artisanal and traditional candle making methods. Each piece is a work of art, every candle telling a story and bit of history of the hands that created it. The beautiful pot can be used again for flowers and bulbs after burning.  

The candle production method works on a set of measures respectful to the environment. These ecological commitments include using local materials, recycling the waste wax and using 100% recyclable and biodegradable cardboard packaging. Most of the containers are made from ecological stone and recycled glass. 

Citronella and bamboo in terracotta pot 

 Size: 14 x 11cm 

The Garden Cook's choice 

These candles for garden tables are a substantial size, they look larger in real life than photographed. They have a rustic handmade feel to them, each one individual. The rugged top gives it a natural outdoor feel, perfect for adorning and decorating your garden.