Hand spun 11" carbon steel pan

Hand spun carbon steel base pan with beautiful hand forged handles and copper rivets The spinning process makes these pans very smooth and naturally non stick.  Really practical large frying pan, ideal for wilting greens, boiling potatoes, stir fries, stews, chillies, curries and paellas. The depth of the pan makes it very versatile and ideal for cooking over open fires or on the grate. The handled pans can also be used on induction, gas, electric or in the oven. These traditionally made pans are made to last a lifetime. 

Crafted by British blacksmiths Forge Kitchenware in Somerset, England. 

Total length: 53cm   Handle length: 23cm

Pan width: 27.5cm    Pan depth: 5m

The pans are individually hand crafted, so there may be natural marks that occur during the making process. They are pre seasoned with organic rapeseed oil and then baked to give a sealed finishes. For best results re season the pan regularly to maintain the surface. 

The Garden Cook's choice 

Using pans for outdoor cooking is really under rated. Every bbq should have something delicious bubbling in this hand crafted iron ware. We love the thick gauge of the steel, the copper rivet detail and the long handle, which is tactile and perfectly positioned for making this an ideal outdoor fire pan.