Handmade skewers - 4 pack

Beautiful hand forged skewers. Sharp and deceptively long, good for delicate pieces of meat, fish or vegetables. Beautiful pig tail handle makes them easy to pick up and remove using heat proof gloves. These handmade barbecue skewers are made to last a lifetime. 

Pack of 4 forged BBQ skewers.

Crafted by British blacksmiths at Forge Kitchenware, Somerset, England.

Length 45cm

Arrive in a cardboard tube suitable for storage as well. 

Wash and dry after use or wipe clean to store. 

The Garden Cook's choice

 Ultra sharp and very long, these traditional skewers are a great alternative to wooden ones and are incredibly durable and long lasting. These are perfect for skewering more delicate and tricky items without splitting the food, for instance prawns, mushrooms and halloumi cheese.