Handmade fennel dry rub

A fennel seed and sea salt combination. This rub is made on a very small scale and each batch is uniquely crafted. The delicious seasoning is fragrant. light and delicate whilst packing a flavoursome punch. All of our healthy rubs are sugar free and our producer grows his own herbs where possible. Suitable as a dry BBQ rub or seasoning. 

Made by A Wild Garden, in Stroud, Gloucestershire, who grow and harvest the fennel by hand. 

Ingredients: Fennel seed and sea salt 

Weight: 110g 

The Garden Cook's choice

This healthy, sugar free dry rub is the perfect marriage with pork, chicken and fish but also works well with many vegetable recipes too. We are addicted to this fennel seasoning here at The Garden Cook household and use it most days.  For maximum flavour allow meat and vegetables to cure in the rub for up to an hour before cooking or grilling.